Student Services Information in Tampa, Florida

Accommodations and Homestays

The institute provides information on local apartment complexes that have short-term leases available. We are located near the University of South Florida and the surrounding area provides a lot of furnished apartments with the average price around $550/month including utilities.

Living with an American family can be a great way to start your life in the USA! International students booking their first 4 weeks with the American Homestay Network (AHN) learn about American culture, become better oriented to their community, understand better their long-term accommodation options (if required) and improve their American English skills. AHN specializes in placing international students with carefully screened and fully trained American host families. Students are required to stay for a minimum of 4 weeks and may choose to remain in homestay longer if they desire. Please visit for more information or to apply online today. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AHN's Florida office at 754-900-8297 or

Health Insurance

Although Tampa Language Center does not require its students to have health insurance while taking classes at our institute, the center does strongly recommend it. Students who are interested should see office staff for a list of suitable providers. Tampa Language Center is not financially responsible in any way if you get sick or need medical treatment during your training at our center. If you choose not to obtain health insurance, you will be required to sign a waiver form indicating your understanding of the consequences of not having insurance.


Tampa Language Center is staffed with several designated school officials who act as immigration advisors for our international students. We also offer advice to our students that will help them to adjust to life in America or take that next step toward the university. Tampa Language Center has relationships with Hillsborough Community College and Full Sail University, and after completion of level 6 at our school, you can be admitted at either of these schools without the need for an IELTS or TOEFL score!

Field trips and Social Activities

Students are encouraged to share time with their classmates in different social activities that allow them to use their English skills actively. Our students visit local museums, the zoo, local restaurants, etc. At the end of each quarter, an international brunch where each student can share a dish from his/her own country is held at the center.

The creative field trips and dynamic social activities arranged by the institute are inspired by the enthusiastic faculty and staff who wholeheartedly involve the community in the entire learning experience for their students.

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